Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The God Videos

The Arguments For God video series will explore three main categories on the existence of god. In the first two, arguments for the existence of god will be explored and debunked. The last category, and the last video will be a direct case against god.

The first category is the Philosophical arguments for the existence of god. These are the four most common, and the oldest arguments for belief in god and still pop up all the time when debating theists. The four arguments are:

The Ontological Argument (God exists by definition)

The Teleological Argument (God designed the universe)

The Cosmological Argument (God as the un-caused cause)

And Pascal’s Wager (It is better to believe than to not believe)

I will also cover apologetics which are a mixture of rhetorical and philosophical arguments. Where possible I try to cover apologetic arguments that are used my multiple religions, though some religions rely on some arguments more than others. The series will be in three parts.

In Part 1 I will explore using the Bible to "prove" itself, cherry picking, prophecies and miracles. 

Part 2 covers claims for God via genes, beauty and morality.

And Part 3 tackles Free Will, faith, God of the Gaps, and other apologetic arguments.

The last section will comprise arguments against the existence of God where I try to show how god-heads defy possibility.

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